Our Story

The financial industry is evolving. Life gets busy fast, and there’s not enough time to keep up with all your financial goals on separate platforms and call multiple people to get things done. You’re too busy for inefficiency in your life, and we understand.

We are the financial change that you’ve been waiting to see. It’s time for efficient management of your global portfolio via comprehensive planning, meaningful conversations, and a trusted team approach that focuses on you and your dynamic wealth management needs.

It’s a new era. We are New Wave Wealth Advisors, and this firm was built for you.

Why We’re Different

We want to know you and have a dynamic, interactive relationship with you. We know you work hard, but why? What are your priorities and goals? How can we help you get there? Once we understand what motivates you and where you want to be, let us build the roadmap and navigate it with you hand in hand while you manage your busy life. We will monitor your plan, analyze progress, implement changes, and offer relationship driven advice so that we help you stay on track for success, while you enjoy your life and celebrate important milestones.
  • Relationship-Driven

    Our priority is you. We understand the need for efficiency in today’s world and will strive to be your comprehensive financial partner and advocate. We want to know you and have a dynamic, interactive relationship with you.
  • Independent

    We are not tied to a specific bank and have a fiduciary responsibility to work for you and in your best interest. This flexibility allows us to employ niche strategies and partners based on your specific goals. We have access to hundreds of private money managers and resources to offer interactive solutions that fit you best.
  • Experienced

    Our team is well rounded and diverse in our backgrounds and specializations. Through cohesive communication and collaboration, we will provide thoughtful, relevant expertise and offer comprehensive advice that benefits you.
  • Relatable

    Although we understand the importance of professionalism and structure in business, we also want to add energy and vibrance to your financial planning process. We are eager to work with you and help you confidently set and reach your goals, while making the process feel easy. We will strive to be approachable, dynamic partners as you navigate important milestones in your life.

We want to be your financial partner and advocate – together, we will plan, perform, and prosper.

Meet The Team

Heath Stanley
Heath Stanley, CWS®
Founder & Principal
Senior Client Advisor
Hannah Kennedy
Hannah Stanley, MBA
Founder & Principal
Senior Client Advisor
Tomek Siwiec
Tomek Siwiec
Senior Vice President
Senior Client Advisor
Jackie Rogers, CFP
Jackie Rogers, CFP®
Vice President
Client Advisor
Kelly Penn
Caleb Smith
Senior Vice President
Senior Client Advisor
Kelly Penn
Kelly Penn
Investment Specialist
Shara Marple
Director of Operations

Who we Serve

We love complexity. If you’re a high net-worth executive, doctor, or entrepreneur with access to complicated plans involving deferred compensation, stock awards (performance/restricted/options), or have tax-sensitivity issues due to your income level, we can help. Our team will consolidate your financial life by communicating and collaborating on your behalf. Let us be your one financial point of contact for everything: investments, benefit & income planning, retirement, trust & estate planning, and wealth transfer goals. Whether you feel like you’re starting from scratch or just need a second opinion, we’d love to meet you and customize a comprehensive strategy for your complex situation. We want to help you plan, perform, and prosper.

Our Clients

  • Executives
  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Physicians & Health Care Administrators
  • University of Arkansas Professors & Administrators
  • Multi-Generation Families | Estate Tax Sensitivity Issues

Strategic Alliances

  • Schwab Advisor ServicesTM, a division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., DBA Schwab
  • SEC Registered Investment Adviser – New Wave Wealth Advisors, LLC DBA New Wave Wealth Advisors
  • Broker-Dealer – Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, member of FINRA/SIPC
  • Certifications | CWS
  • Financial Modeling Platform| eMoney
  • Investment Data & Analytics Platform – Advyzon
  • Investment Advisory Platform – SMArtX Advisory Solutions

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